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A lifelong passion for scaring people.  Check.  A dream and a vision for a creative outlet.  Check.  Most importantly, a tribe of like minded misfits all sharing the same love for Haunted Houses.  Check.  TwistedRoots Haunted Trail is the culmination of years​ experience, highs, lows, and and ton of pent up spooky energy!


​It took us 14 years to find a permanent landing spot that we could call home that would allow us to share our style of terror, unabashedly and unapologetically.  Muskogee, OK is where our permananet Roots (Twisted) will be forever located.

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​our twisted history​
  • 2010 -2012:  Twisted Roots Haunted Trail - Ada, Oklahoma​​​​:  An outdoor walking trail.  Our first attempt at a professional Haunted Attraction.  Grass Roots and Homeade.  But we were in our bag and we had a blast@

  • 2018: Twisted Roots Haunted Hills - Chelsea, Oklahoma:  We moved to an inside haunted house.  We found an old VFW dance hall and converted it to a 5,000 sq ft maze.  Our theme was based on a run down apartment building overran buy designer drugs which turn the tennants into bloodlusting lunatics.   Unfortunately, the building was not suitable for us to proceed and the fixes were more than our small budget could afford. 

  • 2019 - 2020: Partnership with The OK Asylum - Nowata, Oklahoma: After we shut our doors at Twisted Roots Haunted Hills, we partnered with the OK Asylum in Nowata and helped them with directing.  This experience was incredible and we are very grateful for the OK Asylum leadership and crew. 

  • NOW: Here we are!  TwistedRoots Haunted Trail.  We removed the space as our version of a rebrand (we are simple, so what lol).  We landed in Muskogee, Oklahoma with a 30 acre property perfect for Haunting and Scaring.  LETS FREAKING GO! 

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